I’m a mid twenties guy which never really wrote, or had the guts to do so. Since the blog is anonymous I feel a security in posting here. Topics can vary into anything really, but I do try to refrain from posting crap like links to songs or your funny cat pictures. I believe everyone has enough of that as it is. I can’t really say much else, as I don’t really have a direction yet. It’s generally nice to write things down, and if anyone is interested in it or likes it, that does give me a good feeling. Maybe in some time I will pick a specific topic, but for now I am rather busy with figuring out my life. It’s nice to rant away, or to attempt something poetic. Don’t get your hopes up though. 🙂

If you would like to discuss a topic with me, or in general have some idea’s or questions feel free to comment below this section.


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